Some aldermen may be changing their tune when it comes to the police budget, with one filling a notice of motion yesterday to reconsider.

Ald. Bob Hawkesworth brought forward the motion as a matter of urgent business for Monday’s council meeting.

Hawkesworth, a mayoral candidate, could flip-flop on his decision because provincial funding is dependent on maintaining a certain number of sworn officers.

“I have an open mind and I’m willing to change my mind if it’s in the interest of the city,” Hawkesworth said.

Ald. John Mar said there might still be time to reinstate the police training classes that were previously cancelled, meaning 65 new members could still enter the force.

Haw­kes­worth isn’t the only alderman reconsidering their previous vote.

Ald. Linda Fox-Mellway also indicated that her vote could change based on information she didn’t have previously.

Hawkesworth’s motion asks for council to approve the number of sworn officers but still asks the Calgary Police commission to look for other areas of the budget to trim.

The force is currently facing a $14.8-million cut to its near-$300-million budget.

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