As we prepare for the holidays, remember that the festivities can bring some new dangers for your canine companions. With these helpful tips, your playful pooches can enjoy the festive season, too.

Mistletoe for kissing
This festive plant may look tasty to your furry friend, so keep it out of reach. If ingested, mistletoe can cause diarrhea and vomiting. Not fun to clean up! Other plants to keep away from your pet this holiday season are holly, poinsettias and Christmas cacti.

Important tree safety
Whether you own a natural tree or a fake one, make sure all of the lights are off when you leave the house, the wires are out of the way, and it’s secure in the stand. If you own a real tree, keep its water out of reach from your pet and never add chemicals to it.


Ring in the pet’s ears
Noisemakers can hurt our pooches’ ears or scare them, and they can mistake confetti for colorful treats and eat it. And while you might have a few too many glasses, keep the champagne out of your pet’s reach. Alcohol can make your pup seriously ill.

Keep moving
Yes, it’s cold out, but many dogs love snow, so run around with your pooch outside. Your dog will be in good, healthy shape, and they will also be calm, so when guests arrive, he or she won’t even consider jumping or barking.

– Wendy Diamond is a pet lifestyle expert, author, animal rescue advocate and editorial director of Animal Fair magazine,

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