Demi Moore knew her romance with Ashton Kutcher had “potential to be special right away,” reports.


The actress — who met the star in 2003 and married him two years later — felt as if she had known the actor for years straight away, and admits she will never forget their first meeting.


Moore — who at 47 is 15 years older than Kutcher — said, “It was an effective evening. It was a life-changing evening.


“I knew it had the potential to be something special right away. It was like meeting somebody that I’ve just known where you just recognize one another.”


Despite their ease around one another, Moore admits the couple initially struggled to express their feelings for one another because their emotions were so strong.

The star — who has three daughters with her ex-husband Bruce Willis — told Harper’s Bazaar magazine, “It was so disproportionate, the level of emotion we were experiencing to the time we had spent together. But when you don’t know someone, you can’t just jump and say, ‘I love you.’ ‘Nice to meet you, I love you!’”