Receiving praise for a performance from the American Idol judges is something every competitor on this show works toward achieving.

Carly Smithson has been working for weeks to try to win over judge Simon Cowell, and when she finally heard those positive words — “favourite of the evening” — it turned out to be the kiss of death.

It doesn’t make any sense how the American viewers are placing their votes. Are they voting based on talent or solely on who the cutest is that night?

After her horrible start, one would have thought Brooke White would have been on the chopping block this week. Lucky for her, she was safe from elimination, which was obviously a sympathy vote.

The same thing goes for Jason Castro, whose performance, as judge Randy Jackson described, was a “train wreck.” Of course he was also safe, probably because he’s so charming.

This week, the bottom three was changed to a bottom two. Both David Cook and David Archuleta were safe and will be returning with White and Castro next week to work with American singer-songwriter Neil Diamond.

The two top performers this week were Smithson and Syesha Mercado. Both received the least number of the 38 million votes cast following Tuesday night’s show.

Before the results were read, the Top 6 sang All I Ask Of You from Phantom Of The Opera, continuing with the Andrew Lloyd Webber theme. British singer Leona Lewis made a guest appearance, singing her hit single Bleeding Love.

And when it came down to revealing the eliminated competitor, it was Smithson who had to say her goodbyes.

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