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South Korea's new towers look like the World Trade Center on 9/11

The following building has us asking, 'WTF?'

Is this the most unintentionally offensive building design of all time?

Designed by a Rotterdam-based architecture firm MVRDV, this pair of towers, called 'the cloud' in an aspirationally arty foreswearing of capitalization, is set to be built in Seoul, South Korea, by
the year 2015. Made up of two tall towers connected by
a 10 story "pixelated cloud," the complex will feature housing, restaurants, green space, a hotel, and a gym.

MVRDV proudly features the design on their homepage, which makes us think they haven't yet realized their design's striking resemblance to the World Trade Center on 9/11.

At least, we hope they haven't. If the resemblance was intentional, we don't know what we'd say.

Sometimes, there's nothing else to say, except: 'WTF?'

More pictures of the design:

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