Travel relief many southeast commuters were looking for may not be coming anytime soon, says one city alderman.

According to Ward 12 Ald. Shane Keating, city council could be recommending the delay in the southeast LRT expansion when it is brought to council today.

“It seems like whenever we get enough money, it gets sidetracked,” said Keating.

Keating said council is set to recommend the enhancement of the existing transit system by adding more LRT cars and more than $15 million on a comprehensive BRT system and cater to commuters outside the city limits.

Calgary and area is set to receive $800 million of the province’s GreenTRIP fund, almost the entire anticipated cost of building the southeast LRT line.

The $2-billion GreenTRIP program is part of the province’s plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by improving transit. The southeast LRT would not only benefit Ward 12 commuters but 26 per cent of Calgary’s population in the southeast.