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Southern Vampires

Vampires are more in than ever: After the roaring success of theTwilight series, True Blood is having the same effect, only on thesmall screen.

Vampires are more in than ever: After the roaring success of the Twilight series, True Blood is having the same effect, only on the small screen.

The HBO series is based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries books, written by Charlaine Harris. She has already penned nine volumes on the series, which looks at the experiences and dark love of Sookie Stackhouse — played by Anna Paquin in the TV series.

Metro World News recently sat down with Harris to talk about the growing interests in TV and film vampires.

Q. You started the Sookie Stackhouse books back in 2001 before the big vampire craze. Why were you interested in vampires, and why have you dedicated a whole series to them?

A. The series is actually about the young human woman who is dating a vampire. I thought that would be a more interesting approach. It seemed to be that it would be interesting to write about characters who are so different from humans, who have seen so much history.

Why do you think the topic of vampires became so popular so sudden?

I am sure the Twilight series had something to do with it, but actually this has been building for the past ten years or so.

You write other series also featuring girls with superpowers. What interests you in these characters?

I don’t really think of them as having superpowers; they have more like a disability. Sookie is telepathic, and that is a great burden. Harper had to be struck by lightning before she became able to find corpses. Though she makes her living doing that, it’s not a pleasant way of life.

What makes a good book for you? What do you like to read in your freetime?

I love to be engrossed in the story the writer is telling. I love to read, and I read many, many writers. I read some mystery, I read some science fiction, I read a little romance and a little non-fiction.

How would your ideal vampire look like? What attracts people in vampires?

I don’t have an ideal vampire. I think people are fascinated by the eternal vigor of vampires, who don’t age.

How much do you read weekly? Where is your ideal reading spot?

I read three or four books a week. I can read anywhere, but I have a comfortable chair in our bedroom and one in our family room; both of these are good for reading.

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