Bring out your spring beauty at one of the many local spas.


With winter’s wrath almost behind us, it’s time to banish the winter blues and bring out your beauty for spring.

What better time to visit a spa? There are thousands of spas across Canada. But how do you choose the one best suited for you?

Spas offer many services. Most spas offer skin care and massage (Swedish, Thai, hot stone) packages. Some spas offer acupuncture sessions, herbal wraps, aromatherapy treatments, yoga classes, weight-loss programs, mud baths, or water therapies.

Destination spas include everything from cardio training to sweating in the steam room to detoxification therapies.

The Body Blitz Spa in Toronto is all about healing with water. Their “get blitzed! therapeutic waters card” allows you five visits —with the sixth free — for about $200. Use it yourself or share with a friend. The card allows access to various mineral pools, an aromatherapy steam room, an infrared sauna, and showers. The use of lockers, kimonos, sandals, and towels is complementary. For more information, visit

Head over to the Shizen Spa in one of Toronto’s newest hotels, The Cosmopolitan, for some spa education. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to relax in any situation, take Shizen Spa’s one-hour Meditation/Relaxation course. According to their website at, this course “provides you the key for a peaceful mind and soul.”

Spa etiquette tips

  • Be on time for your appointment to ensure that you get the full time you paid for. Better yet, show up early and begin to relax before the treatment.

  • Turn off your cellphone before your treatment. There’s nothing more jarring than a ringing phone to disturb your peace.

  • Book an appointment in advance. Don’t expect to walk in and be seen right away.

  • Call if you need to cancel your appointment or are going to be late.

  • Dress in comfortable clothing, especially if you’re receiving a massage or taking an exercise class.

  • Leave a tip. If you’ve received a gift certificate or booked a package, the tip may be included. Ask about the spa’s policies, but usually a 10 to 20 per cent tip is appropriate.

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