It was a grand opening for a posh spa that may not be so posh after all.

Cindy Lessard, a grad-student at Centennial College, and a few of her classmates had been invited to the launch of Jung Spa earlier this month.

They were planning to feature the stylish boutique in an upcoming issue of the school’s On the Danforth magazine. The owner, 25-year-old Julia Sung, seemed impressively successful considering her age, recalls Lessard.

“It was filled with beautiful people. Everyone was really dressed up — everything was designer. They looked like they had a lot of money,” she said.

Two weeks later, police are alleging that virtually everything in Jung Spa was bought and paid for with stolen money.

Sung is one of four accused in a $500,000 credit card scam targetting Elmwood Spa clients. She and her husband, Filip Djukic, 39, and another couple, Goran Sadic, 44, and his wife, Milena Sadic, 41, are charged with 150 fraud-related offences.

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