Looking for an exciting place to have your destination wedding? How about outer space? It might be possible sooner than you think as business tycoon Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic project soars forward.

The Edmonton World Trade Centre hosted an information session yesterday with the world’s first public space-travel provider Virgin Galactic. The event was hosted by Michael Broadhurst, Western Canada’s only certified space agent.

As president of the Vision 2000 travel company, Broadhurst is excited about the project and looking forward to the long-term possibilities.

“Incidentally, my great ambition in this, we sell a lot of destination weddings, I think this would be the greatest ride for a destination wedding,” joked Broadhurst.

Possibly the next generation of travel, Virgin Galactic aims to offer space tourism aboard the Virgin Enterprise as early as 2011. The vessel, named after the famed Star Trek ship, will provide the public with the opportunity to travel in space on a 2.5-hour flight at $200,000 each.

Six voyagers and two pilots will venture into outer space.

“I do think there is a great future in this technology, but I think in not too many years it will be possible to do it on a much grander scale and hopefully a little cheaper,” investment adviser Don Howden said, though he said he would wait for prices to come down.

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