Bosch is world’s most prolific manufacturer

The 10-billionth Bosch spark plug has just been produced at the company’s Bamberg plant in Germany, making Bosch the world’s most prolific manufacturer of spark plugs. The vast majority (eight billion) were manufactured at the Bamberg plant, which was established in 1939, while the remaining units were produced at other plants around the world.


Laid end-to-end, the spark plugs would form a chain stretching for more than 560,000 kilometres, circling the equator approximately 14 times.


A century ago, Bosch produced just a few hundred spark plugs per year — today, the figure is more than 300 million, produced in factories around the world.


The company unveiled its first spark plugs combined with a high-voltage magneto more than 100 years ago, and patented the innovative system on Jan. 7, 1902.


Bosch’s reliable ignition system for engines with ever-increasing speeds finally solved what auto pioneer Carl Benz described as the “problem of all problems” in early automotive engineering.

The spark plug, in combination with industrial manufacturing techniques, opened the way for the surge in vehicle production experienced during the following decades. The result was affordable vehicles for everyone.