The Coquitlam SPCA has announced it’s been forced to close down after neighbours complained to the city about the noise from barking dogs.

City officials told the shelter, which has been on Pipeline Road for nearly half a century, that if the agency continued to house dogs legal action would be taken.

Lisa Parkes, an acting solicitor for the City of Coquitlam, said the city didn’t order the facility to shut down, only to limit noise.


But Craig Daniell, SPCA chief executive officer, said they have no choice but to close as they have done everything they can to make the shelter quieter.

The shelter reduced the number of dogs, installed rubber backing on kennels and put acoustic panels on the wall.

Meanwhile, an acoustical engineer found that noise levels from passing gravel trucks was louder than the noise from barking dogs.

cats and dogs

  • In 2007, the SPCA’s Coquitlam shelter cared for 457 dogs, 621 cats and 120 small animals.

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