The crazy pink wig hasn’t been seen for weeks, late night dashes to the psychiatric ward have ceased and there are no more pictures without panties. Could no news finally be good news for Britney Spears?

It has been a barren couple months for scandal about Spears, 26, whose life became a front-page disaster when she lost custody of her children, shaved her head, was seen distinctly underdressed at parties and was twice hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation.

Out of the limelight and under the guardianship of her father, Spears appears to be making so much progress that some people are even talking about a comeback.

“She has almost come back from the dead,” said Harvey Levin, managing editor of celebrity website, which still reports on her every move.

“She is happy again, she seems stable. She is seeing her kids again, she is trying to get her recording career back. The crazy conduct is not there anymore,” Levin told Reuters.

Apart from a minor traffic incident on April 12, the only recent news about Spears has been good. She’s been regularly working out at the gym and taking dance classes. She surprised critics with a sassy guest appearance in the TV sitcom How I Met Your Mother and has been photographed playing happily with her two sons after striking a visitation deal with ex-husband Kevin Federline.

Spears also has reconciled with her ex-manager Larry Rudolph, the man who was responsible for taking a 16-year-old kid from Louisiana and making her the world’s best known pop star at the turn of the 21st century.

“I’ve seen her probably about three or four times over the past couple of weeks and she’s in great shape,” Rudolph said in a MySpace celebrity blog. “I think she’s really well on the road to getting back to the Britney everybody knows and loves.”

Spears’ father appears to have been key in bringing about the transformation.

In February — after Spears was taken by ambulance to a psychiatric unit for the second time in a month — Jamie Spears was appointed by a judge to take control of his daughter’s affairs until July 31.

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