Within all the hustle and bustle of planning and executing a wedding, the bride and the groom often forget about purchasing a special gift for each other.

Yes, a lifetime of marital bliss might seem like the ideal gift, but I suggest giving something thoughtful and memorable that caters to each other's personalities. Here's a few suggestions.

Weekend getaways
Since distance makes the heart grow fonder, why not send each other away at the six-month anniversary mark with their best friends!


For her: A girls spa retreat weekend for three of her best gal pals will make her arrive home missing him more, but also looking and feeling fantastic.

or him: Why not a steak dinner, hockey game and a stay-over in a big city hotel with a few buddies? Remember, boys will be boys so rent him a fancy SUV for the weekend.

Specialty kitchen gadgets
Opt for the kitchen appliances that are not normally on the bridal registry.

For her: A fancy commercial-grade ice cream maker. There’s nothing better than cuddling up and eating homemade ice cream on movie night.

For him: A countertop espresso maker. He can be a hero every Sunday morning with lattes and croissants served in bed.

Match the band
Take your style of wedding band and match it to another piece of jewelry or a watch.

For her: Maybe a matching bracelet or necklace in a style that is a style reminiscent of her diamond ring.

For him: A matching watch or travel alarm clock that mimics the design style of his wedding band.

Create a cosy corner
Everyone needs time alone so why not set up a private area to read or watch sports for each other?

For her: A chaise lounge, silk pillow and a reading light in the corner of the bedroom.

For him: A reclining chair and remote control organizer for his man-cave.

A ticket subscription to local sports or theatre is a great way for a couple to plan evenings out on the town.

For her: Ballet, opera or theater tickets.

For him: Season hockey tickets.

Learn and dine
You bring the wine and I’ll bring the food. What a great team a chef and sommelier would make for entertaining at home.

For her: French baking classes

For him: Wine making or sommelier classes.

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