Natasha Henstridge, perhaps best known for her starring role in the Species trilogy, will conclude a two-month stay in Vancouver this weekend when shooting for the two-part TV movie Impact wraps. Directed by Mike Rohl (Smallville, Eureka, Supernatural), the sci-fi disaster flick is about a giant meteor hurtling toward Earth, presumably spooking civilians. The film also features Steven Culp, who played CIA agent Clayton Webb on JAG and Rex Van de Kamp on Desperate Housewives until that creepy pharmacist merked him.

Currently in the middle of filming is the first season of Samurai Girl, a mini-series based on the popular young adult book series by Carrie Asai. Jamie Chung (MTV’s Real World) plays Heaven, a 19-year-old who learns that her adoptive father is a Yakuza boss who may have killed her brother (“Oh, did I not mention that?”). Seeking to take down his criminal empire, she embarks on a string of shenanigans that intertwine her American upbringing with the Samurai traditions of her ancestors. Like with Richmond sushi spots, all Japanese characters are Chinese. The series premieres in September.

Lastly, a potential gem called Web of Desire is currently filming in the city. A synopsis of the direct-to-video project: “A smart, attractive, ER physician, Beth, turns to an Internet site for medical personnel to share the frustrations of her job and the stress of her family life and connects with someone. When they meet in person, Beth is surprised to find that Finn is a woman. The next thing Beth knows, she’s awaking in Finn’s bed not knowing what happened.” I hate when that happens. Filming in Vancouver wraps Saturday.