VIDEO: Speedy escalator breaks up Swedish soccer fight

A fast escalator broke up a fight between soccer fans in Helsingborg, Sweden.

Here's a great way to break up a brawl: Turn up the escalator to turbo. Noisy, angry soccer fans in Helsingborg, Sweden, butted heads on the escalator after a match between Malmö FF and Helsingborgs IF, according to the Local. As the verbal arguments escalated, so did the speed of the moving stairs, flushing away the fans and breaking up the fight.


Many people believed police were behind the speed-up, but a spokeswoman for the Swedish Transport Administration told SVT that it was actually a malfunction of the escalator's brakes: The escalator gave way to the increased weight of the crowds riding it.


The spokesperson added that it is not possible to speed up the elevator by pressing a special button: There is only an emergency brake. Moving forward, the Transport Administration has decided to lock escalators after high-traffic events. Still, it doesn't seem like a bad idea to make a high-speed button for escalators everywhere.

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