B.C. households spent average of $71K in 2006

Vancouverites are finding more reason, and money, to buy new electronic devices like iPods, cellphones and DVD players, according to a Statistics Canada report released yesterday.

The study, Survey Of Household Spending, found that in 2006, household spending across Canada went up 4.6 per cent from the previous year, to $48,770.


The average British Columbia household spent $71,580, and while Albertans spent less, at $59,740, their 14 per cent increase was the largest in the country.

One of the biggest increases nation-wide was in audio equipment spending, which went up 38 per cent.

Melvin Lee, 23, a real estate appraiser in Vancouver, said he spends $500 to $800 a year on electronics.

He’s recently bought a digital camera, a TV, a MacBook, an iPod (his second), and traded in his Blackberry for a $400 iPhone

"I’m a young professional. I have all this money to spend on stuff," he said.

Bradley Snider, economist and statistician with StatsCan, said the spending surge in the West can be attributed, in part, to growing incomes.


the bare necessities

  • Food, shelter and clothing made up half of the $23,780 Canada’s poorest households spent in 2006, according to the Survey of Household Spending.

  • The top fifth of households spent $137,820, with only 28 per cent of that money going to shelter, food and clothing.

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