Avocado and harvest gold bring back memories of the ’70s — but what colours will 2010 bring to our homes?

To kick off the new decade, Krylon, the nation’s leader in spray paint, provides the latest in home design and colour trends, helping you to make a lasting impact with easy projects that are perfect for your home — inside and out.

“As the economy continues to climb out of a recession, there is less spending on new and more re-purposing of existing items for the home,” says Donna Schroeder, Krylon, colour marketing and design manager. “A great way to bring new life to old objects is with spray paint in one of the year’s hottest colours.”


According to Schroeder, drivers for 2010 trends are nature, senses and symbols. These drivers are interconnected, allowing each trend to blend into the other to create a cohesive look and feel throughout your space. Some stylish colour themes found in the 2010 palette are as follows:

Whether you prefer scented candles, dim lighting or cosy rugs to accent your home, stimulating all of the senses is key. Comprised of soft colours, the Sense trend will swaddle and soothe the soul. It engages all five senses as it mixes textures, scents and patterns and also focuses on the details, allowing you to make a statement with even the smallest elements.

Colours include: Pacific purple, morning mist, hyacinth, celery, jade and sand.

Environmental concerns continue to influence home design and decorating, with homeowners shifting toward smaller spaces, while also buying less and repurposing more. To complement this eco-consciousness, indoor design and decor trends continue to be reminiscent of the outdoors. Bring the beauty of the environment into your home with colours found in natural elements.

Colours include: Fern, meringue, terra cotta, river rock, mountain view and cloud.

A love of architectural shapes and details from the past help fuel the trend of symbols. Moody and complex colours are integral, allowing design elements from the yesteryear to resurface in modern-day homes. Look for accents with a historical look and feel to complement the dramatic hues and elegant feel of this trend.
Colours include: Almond, cherry red, navy, ivy leaf, leather brown and castle rock.

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