Cillian Murphy’s been keeping quiet for quite some time, and he’s glad his gag order is being lifted.

As part of the cast of Christopher Nolan’s mysterious Inception, Murphy has been maintaining radio silence while the film was shot and completed, but it wasn’t like he and his cast-mates were exactly forced into secrecy.

“It was quite laidback, really. Warner didn’t make us sign stuff. It was just Chris,” he tells Metro.


“Chris is quite old-fashioned in many ways as a filmmaker, in his execution of the films,” the Irish actor explains. “He’s very keen that people experience a film as freshly as possible. There’s such an insatiable demand right now for information and for knowing stuff and plot points and everything immediately. And I think it has taken away a little bit from the enjoyment of seeing a film.”

And beyond a desire to be old-fashioned, Murphy admits the twisty nature of Inception made such secrecy necessary.

“I think it was essential for a film like this, which is so high-concept and unique, that we kept as much as possible under wraps,” he says. “But it is nice to be able to actually talk about your character.”

Of course even now, it’s tough to talk about his character without giving too much away.
To put it vaguely, Inception is a heist film in which corporate spies use dreams to steal information. Needless to say, it wasn’t like anything Murphy had read before.

“I think we’ve all been reassured that every actor had the same reaction to reading it,” he says.
“You feel a little bit dumb when you read it. Because it’s so visual, and reading that cold on a page as stage directions, it’s very hard to keep track of what’s going on.”

Murphy on his co-stars

Ellen Page
“She’s so funny. We started in London, and she was like, ‘What am I doing here? This is just a boys’ club. All these guys in suits with guns.’ But then you see the movie and she’s phenomenal.”

Leonardo DiCaprio
“For any actor of my generation, to get to work with Leonardo DiCaprio is a real privilege. That was just such a kick for me.”

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