After more than a year of tinkering with the management of Toronto’s iconic streetcar line, the TTC is still stranding some west-end riders for up to three-quarters of an hour, even during rush periods, according to a group of residents along the Queensway and Lake Shore Boulevard.

They want the TTC to restore a separate 507 Long Branch route that would run from west of Kipling up to Roncesvalles to Dundas West station.

That route was cut, along with various other services, in 1995, when the reduction was justified by lower employment and ridership along the Queensway and Lake Shore. But in recent years, that stretch has experienced a residential revival.

Nevertheless, in a report going to the transit commissioners tomorrow, TTC staff recommend against splitting the Queen line at Humber, in favour of leaving the 501 streetcar as the longest route in North America, stretching from Victoria Park in the east to the west end.

A Long Branch line would provide better service to about 8,000 riders daily, concedes the TTC report. But it would cost about $825,000 per year and possibly up to 300 riders daily from among the 2,500 who would have to make an additional transfer at the Humber Loop.

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