Album: Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga

Label: Merge

Release Date: July 10

**** (out of 5)


The sly and well-schooled indie rock found on Spoon’s latest offering is a smile-inducing contrast to the album’s seemingly infantile title. Apparently referencing the ghostly second track’s staccato melody, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga actually sees the band refining its sparse rock formula into its most mature and accessible disc to date. Spoon’s customary plucky guitar riffs amid piano inlays and big handclap beats are showcased in Don’t Make Me A Target — and expand from there with a host of sonic nuances. Largely, this keeps the songs engaging and catchy. The Motown horns and tambourines of You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb and the dub-tinged reverb of Eddie’s Ragga are but two examples of Ga’s competent merge of styles. Remember, you can’t judge a book by its baby-talk cover.

Megan Hamilton

Album: How We Think About Light

Label: Familiar Music

Release Date: July 10


Recorded in a Saskatchewan church during a frosty prairie winter, How We Think About Light is a wonderful warm and fuzzy followup to singer-songwriter Megan Hamilton’s 2006 release, Feudal Ladies Club.

This new six-song EP basks Hamilton’s quirky folksy style in a richer sound with added psychedelic tinges. Echoing vocals and splashes of electric guitar create a tripy ’60s pop sound that is both captivating and narcotic.

No Reason To Stay seems like an old-fashioned country waltz sung by a heartbroken Connie Francis while Detroit sounds like it’s right out of a Nancy Sinatra set list. It’s an album that induces day dreaming.

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