It could go a long way to reforming the reputation of a city that is widely viewed as a celebration of sprawl.


A new blueprint for biking in Mississauga would nearly triple the amount of trails and road devoted to cycling from 350 kilometres to 900 and increase the number of workday bike trips from three per cent to 10 per cent. It would put 95 per cent of residents within one kilometre of a major cycling route.


Mississauga’s Master Plan, called Shifting Gears, was approved in principle by council last spring. But the implementation plan mapping how and when the work gets done won’t go to a vote until September.


While questions remain about whether the recommended 20-year implementation period is too slow and what the cost will be, politicians and cycling advocates say the plan proves how far Mississauga has come in embracing a more sustainable culture.

“Any community that puts cycling infrastructure in is a desirable community and housing prices reflect that,” said Jeff Wachman, chair of the Mississauga Cycling Committee.