With Christmas just a few weeks away, its almost time to put up the tree.

Mine is a beautiful eight foot tall, pre-lit artificial tree that fools everyone who comes in. The branches are full, there are real pine cones wired on, and the 800 white lights look like stars in the sky.

However, I think the biggest trickery of my tree is the scent; I love to have the sweet, refreshing smell of evergreens and freshly cut wood throughout the main floor of the house as guests arrive.


Here are a variety of fabulous ways to fragrance your home that'll fool even the most experienced tree farmer:

Fresh wreath
There's nothing more inviting than a fresh wreath on the door. If kept fresh, the fragrance will welcome your guests for week.
Tip - Use wreaths in more places than outside; displayed inside on windows or over mirrors is a great way bring the lush scent inside.

Best candle
With a designer mix of pine and patchouli, Diptyque's PIN candle ($85) will fragrance an entire room with the sexy smell of the Christmas tree. Even the packaging evokes luxury.
Tip - When you burn near the bottom of the jar, use a non-scented votive candle. The heat will warm up the remaining wax and spread the scent into the air. holtrenfrew.com.

Best potpourri
The Windsor Forest Fragranced Botanicals from Crabtree and Evelyn ($45) are as beautiful to look at as they are to smell. Birch logs, pine cones, twigs, dried berries help bring the forest to your home.
Tip - Place two or three birch logs in a large elegant punchbowl and sprinkle the fragranced botanicals on top for a larger than life centerpiece on the dining or coffee table.

Best room spray
Imagine if you could gather up all the used Christmas trees and extract their natural scents of spruce, pine and woodsy oils, then you would have Mythical Matters' Smells Like The Christmas Tree room spray ($15). An all natural room refresher with no harmful additives or chemicals. It's the truest of all tree smells this nose has ever experienced.
Tip - Keep this one near the front door and spritz just before guests enter; they will be amazed at the realistic scent. mythicalmatters.com

Safest scent
It's a porcelain container that allows a small lightbulb to warm up and melt a tray of scented wax. Scentsy's Christmas Tree scented bricks are a safe way to spread the smell of the tree without the risks of an open flame, smoke or soot. Simply plug in the Tannenbaum warming base ($30) and allow a 25 watt light bulb to melt the scented wax (from $6) to add a beautiful fir and cedar scent to a room.
Tip - I'd use a lamp timer to schedule this fragrance to come on and off. A safe and great way to guarantee the house will smell great during peak entertaining times.

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