Spring has long been associated with the three Rs: Renewal, rebirth and ... redecoration.

Not surprisingly, we prefer the latter — updating decor doesn’t take as long as renewal and it’s easier than rebirth. And since springtime is all about the return of colour to the blanched late-winter landscape, one way to redecorate is to bring on the colour — the cutting-edge greens; the citron, lime, pea and apple greens of the new season; the soft purple of an emerging crocus; and of course, the bright yellows of the strengthening sun.

This doesn’t mean you need to re-do your entire space. The great thing about redecoration is that new colours and small decor changes can update a whole room.


Use bright or vivid colours sparingly — in a throw pillow, a soft blanket draped over the top of the sofa, or a floor rug — as an accent to update a neutral room. Also consider wallpaper containing a bright pop of your chosen spring colour on one wall or a feature area, such as above a headboard or fireplace; or repaint a focal wall with a punchy hue.

In the dining room, bright, sunny crockery can remind people that springtime is just around the corner. In a bathroom, consider a shower curtain with a bright floral pattern, or putting out towels in beautiful spring colours. In the bedroom, you may want to replace heavy winter blankets with those that are lighter, and coloured with a spring palette.

Spring is also about letting the light in. One way to brighten up a space is to introduce light colours. For example, consider painting an old wooden chair in glossy white. Put away the dark accent pieces and bring out the clear glass vases, and let the sun shine through. Add mirrored pieces, or an additional mirror to reflect light into the room as well. Light, airy drapes or bamboo blinds also breathe spring. Rugs should be light-coloured, so they create light rather than absorbing it. Also consider covering dark upholstery with lighter-coloured slipcovers.

Of course, nothing says spring like a bouquet of tulips in an entrance foyer, or a spray of pussy willows in a vase on a coffee table. Don’t hesitate to place bouquets in as many places as you can manage — they truly are eye candy and a pleasure to the nose after months of monotonous winter landscapes. A planter of daffodils, or a wicker chair or a basket full of herbs in a kitchen window introduces greenery and a breath of the outdoors into your home.

Don’t forget to put wintery accents into storage. These include heavy velvet or wool draperies, the dark-coloured wool rug, the nubby textured throw pillow, or the faux-fur lap blanket that you wrapped yourself with on those cold winter evenings. Finally, to welcome the coming season, arrange your furniture to focus out the window rather than around the fireplace.


Tammy Schnurr and Jeffrey Fisher are hosts of Arresting Design on W Network. Tammy is an interior decorator. Jeffrey designs home furnishings and bedding through his company Jeffrey Fisher Home.

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