Gilbert Kee, left, Ted King and Travis Boone take advantage of mild temperatures to get in a game of golf yesterday. The Four Seasons Golf Club opened yesterday by plowing off the fairways and using blowers to clear the tees and greens.


Toronto set a record daily high yesterday, but fell short of the monthly high for January set three years ago.


The city hit a high of 14 C. The previous record daily high was just 6.5 C, set on Jan. 7, 1998.

The record daily high for the month of January in downtown Toronto is 17.6 C, set on Jan. 13, 2005.

It’s all well above the average daily high of –1.8 C.

“It should be freezing out there. It should not be melting like it is,” said Environment Canada senior climatologist David Phillips.

He noted a high of 12 C is typical around April 20, not in January.

“These are clearly temperatures that are 10 or 11 degrees above where they should be.”