The deadline came and went last night in the St. Paul’s doctors dispute.


Orthopedic surgeons refused to see patients in the emergency department, except for life-and-limb cases.


Officials from Providence Health Care, who operate St. Paul’s Hospital, sent a letter to orthopedic surgeons informing them if they don’t resume providing full services to the hospital they would consider that their resignation.


The eight doctors involved in the dispute hadn’t resumed services by yesterday’s 5 p.m. deadline.


The hospital offered a 24-per-cent increase in doctor’s pay and a commitment to take steps to enhance and streamline patient care.

“We’ve made what we consider to be a very reasonable offer and hope that they (doctors) will reconsider it (rejection),” said Gavin Wilson, hospital spokesman.

Doctors rejected the offer on July 12, and ceased orthopedic services except in emergency cases on July 14.

Dr. Kevin Wing, a doctor involved in the dispute, told CTV News they don’t want more money, but rather a new pay structure and reduced patient wait times. He also said services ceased after 18 months of talks produced no results.