Police arrived at an east Toronto apartment building yesterday morning to investigate a possible stabbing but instead they came upon a horrific murder-suicide.

Emergency crews discovered the body of a 20-year-old man sprawled on his back behind the building on 50 Tuxedo Court, near Markham and Ellesmere roads, around 11 a.m. A mangled air conditioner lay several feet away.

It appears the man first kicked out the air conditioner, then jumped from a 14th-floor window after stabbing the apartment’s owner to death. Police have not released either victim’s name, but neighbours identified the 20-year-old as Gajnanth Srinivasan.


About an hour after the incident, Srinivasan’s mother ran to police from the complex’s parking lot. The rest of her family arrived at the apartment building about half an hour later and spoke about their troubled relative.

“I know he had trouble (with depression) when he was a teenager and a love failure,” the man’s cousin, Krishna Srithayakumar, 17, said.

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