When it comes to the latest jewelry trend — layering and stacking — there’s a fine line between looking fashionable and looking, well, junky. Here’s the lowdown on how to layer your jewelry like a pro.

According to Banana Republic spokesperson and trend expert Tara Wickwire, the key to pulling off the layered look is to focus on one area.

“Either focus on your wrists, your neck, or your hands,” she advises. “Don’t do it all at once.”


Another important rule is to keep your metals in the same metal family, so mix silvers and pewters or mix golds, but avoid mixing the two.

And, finally, if you’re sensing that you’re overdoing it, Wickwire says to start over from scratch. If you’re not comfortable with what you’re wearing, other people will notice and that’s never a good look.

When it comes to necklaces, Wickwire recommends experimenting with different lengths and sizes. “When you mix lengths, it looks layered but big pieces aren’t competing with each other,” she says.

Start with a statement piece such as a thick graphic necklace with big stones or baubles, then add complementary pieces such as a few simple gold or silver chains in varying lengths. “You can almost make them all look like one piece when you put a few together,” adds Wickwire.

Bracelets, cuffs and watches
With bracelets, think about really adding variety to the mix. “Try mixing bangles with a chain bracelet, a small cuff and a leather piece or two,” says Wickwire. “And have some fun layering your bracelets with your watch.”

With larger cuffs, Wickwire believes it’s best to keep it simple and not layer them with other bracelets. “It can otherwise become a bit distracting,” she says. But, you could take a queue from the late fashion icon Diana Vreeland and wear chunky matching cuffs on each wrist.

“There’s a number of finer small bands, bands with small stones in them, and those are definitely the ones you can have fun layering,” explains Wickwire. However, keep this rule in mind: stick to layering rings on one finger.

Wearing multiple rings on multiple fingers definitely starts looking overdone and verging on cluttered.

Experiment with different coloured stones and varying bandwidths for added interest. When it comes to a more substantial ring, like a cocktail ring, Wickwire says it’s best to wear just that one.

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