Housed on a 21,773-acre ranch near Hanna in east-central Alberta, Stampede Ranch is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2011.

Stampede officials say it started as means for the Stampede to ensure it had a steady supply of quality stock and now it’s a big business.

“The ranch was built in 1961 and it has grown from a handful of mares to now we breed about 70 a year,” senior manager of rodeos Keith Marrington said.

“It’s a vital part of operation and we’re proud of fact raise our own bucking horses. It’s good for our brand,” he added.

Stampede Ranch
MONEY The 400 horses and 80 bulls that carry the Stampede brand across North America are worth an estimated $8 million.

TRAINING At the ranch, the herd of horses train like any athlete — with long-distance and sprint training gearing up prior to rodeo season.

LEGEND Grated Coconut, Calgary Stampede’s bucking legend, goes to a breeding veterinarian’s facility where they have a special exercise regime for him.

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