Animal care at the Calgary Stampede will be strengthened with the addition of a new advisory panel, according to officials.

The new animal care advisory panel is made up of four independent experts, who will evaluate and advise Stampede officials, a move Stampede president and CEO Dr. David Chalack said will make their top-notch animal care even better.

“While we are a recognized leader among our peers for our animal care practices, we want to continue to look for new opportunities to enhance how we care for our animals,” Chalack said.

But a local animal activist organization says the move won’t stop animals from dying at the 10-day rodeo event.

“This is something they are doing to appear proactive but it won’t change the fact animals die at the Calgary Stampede every year. They are running scared,” Calgary Animal Rights Coalition spokesperson Michael Alvarez-Toye said.

However, Chalack said the addition of Dr. Greg Andrews, Susan Church and Dr. Ed Pajor and Tim Olafson will keep the Calgary Stampede at the forefront of animal care.

Chalack, a veterinarian, said the Stampede meets each year with the Calgary Humane Society and Alberta SPCA to listen to those group’s assessments of the annual exhibition.

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