Theresa Tayler/metro Calgary


Clockwise from the top: Saddles are lined up behind the chutes at the Stampede, ready to be placed on the unruly backs of the broncs who will gladly buck off the riders who attempt to hang on.

Theresa Tayler/metro Calgary

Mike Karpishka shows some eager kids some science moves yesterday at the Green Eggs And Ham Science Show taking place at the Agrium Edu-tainment Stage.

Darren Krause/metro calgary

“OK kids, this is what I’ll look like once the ride gets moving.” This woman practises her look of fear before the Wave Swinger sets itself in motion.

Darren Krause/for metro calgary

Twelve-year-old Jonathan Matwe took a mighty swing to try and ring the bell on a Test Your Strength game yesterday afternoon on the Stampede Midway.

Patrick Price/reuters

Dan Mortensen of Montana goes over the head of the horse War Cry despite winning the event with 86 points during the Saddle Bronc event at the Calgary Stampede rodeo yesterday.