Stampeders fans filled the McMahon Stadium parking lot yesterday morning in anticipation of the pre-season home opener against rival Sas­katchewan Roughriders.

Hundreds of football fans decked out in red and white enjoyed the sun while roasting hotdogs on portable barbecues. An occasional green-painted face was greeted with friendly name-calling and taunts.

“I’m a veteran at this,” said 67-year-old Mickey Campbell. “We’ve been coming since the stadium opened in the 1960 and have had season’s tickets since 1964.”

More than 20 friends and relatives joined Campbell for a traditional tailgate gathering.

The pre-game party is a great way to bring the family together, she said. “We always look forward to this.”

Although most tailgate party goers tend to stay with their group, mingling does happen, said Campbell. “You’re meeting people constantly,” said a friend, offering chicken wings to those passing by.

For Steven Cadman, 7, tailgating was the perfect way to spend father’s day. “I wouldn’t trade (today) for anything in the world,” said father Ryan Cadman.

After a long week of work, Stamps games are the best way to unwind, he said. Wife Jodie Campbell agrees, after all “there’s nothing like a cold juice before the game, right Steven?”

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