Peter Pocklington, the controversial former owner of the Oilers, auctioned off pieces of Stanley Cup history to the highest bidders last night.

Included in the online sale at were five sparkling diamond Oilers Stanley Cup Championship rings, two mini Stanley Cups, 18 official team photos, and three Edmonton Trappers PCL championship rings.

Pocklington was less than forthcoming with information about why he’s decided to sell the items, when he spoke to Metro Edmonton from his home near Palm Springs yesterday.


“First of all, that’s my business,” he said when asked why he decided to sell the items.

He added that the collection has been held in trust for his 12 grandchildren, and he decided to sell it all to the highest bidder to pay for post-secondary education.

“It’s for their education, and they’re now ready to be educated,” he said.

Last night, the 1983-84 Stanley Cup ring, which has a massive diamond circled by 30 smaller ones in a bed of 14-karat gold, sold for $30,597 US after 20 bids.

“Those things are worth quite a bit,” said Ray Neiman, owner of National Pride Coin and Stamp. “It has a lot of desirability because it’s the first. First ones are always better.”

Neiman, who has been in the business of sports memorabilia for over 20 years, said that the ring is especially valuable because it was the first year Wayne Gretzky led the team to victory in the finals.

“The last one is very valuable because it was when Gretzky was no longer there,” he said.

Last night, the 1989-90 Stanley Cup ring, the last ring the Oilers won, sold for $33,657 US after 21 bids, belying Neiman’s prediction.

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