Actors Vince Vaughn, Matthew Broderick and Ben Stein were among the family and friends who attended a private funeral Tuesday in a Chicago suburb for the late director John Hughes, reports.

Stein, who famously played Ferris Bueller’s teacher in the ’80s classic comedy, was one of the speakers at the service. He said it was “very touching” and that there was “a lot of crying.”

“We’ll never see his like again,” Stein told reporters after the service. “He was the Wordsworth of the suburban America post-war generation. He was a great, great, great genius and as much of a friend and a great family man as he was a poet.”

After the service, mourners gathered in a procession to a Lake Forest cemetery, where Hughes was to be laid to rest.

Hughes, known for such teen classics as Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club, died of a heart attack Aug. 6. He was 59.

Molly Ringwald, who became a star after appearing in Sixteen Candles in 1984, said she “was stunned and incredibly sad to hear about the death of John Hughes.”

“He will be missed — by me and by everyone that he has touched,” she added in a statement shortly after his death. “My heart and all my thoughts are with his family now.”