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Last week we reported that the fate of Terry Gilliam’s latest feature, The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus was still up in the air. Shooting difficulties seem to have been finally ironed out, however, and the film will complete its shooting schedule here in Vancouver. According to the website Ain’t It Cool News, stars Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell have all signed on to play interpretations of Heath Ledger’s character, Tony, in the film. According to sources, Tony steps into three different dimensions through a mirror, each transporting him into new worlds in which he is played by Depp, Law and Farrell. The original work filmed by Ledger will also be used.

Meanwhile, production is beginning to return to some semblance of its former self in Vancouver. 20th Century Fox’s Night At The Museum 2: Escape From The Smithsonian, has rented space at Mammoth Studio for an April start and will shoot throughout the summer, while Fox Atomic’s comedy-horror flick Jennifer’s Body, starring actress Megan Fox (Transformers), is targeting a March start date. Meanwhile, entrenched skeins such as Smallville — which looks set for an eighth season — and Battlestar Galactica are set to resume production shortly. Supernatural is expected to follow suit, though no official word has yet been announced from The CW network.

Vancouver gets Samurai Girl: ABC Family channel will begin shooting Samurai Girl in town this spring. The series, based on a pilot pickup, concerns a Japanese teen named Heaven who discovers her adoptive father is head of the Yakuza. The young girl desperately tries to balance a normal life as the adopted daughter alongside the Samurai traditions of her ancestors. Jamie Chung (Dragonball) will star as Heaven, alongside Brendan Fehr, Saige Thompson, Kyle Labine, Anthony Brandon Wong, Steven Brand and Kenneth Choi.

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Seth MacFarlane hosts Elan Awards: Last Friday night the video game and animation industry, along with digital arts students, turned out in full force to celebrate the Second Annual Elan Awards, which honors talent in the North American video game and animation industries. The event, held at The Centre in Vancouver for the Performing Arts, was hosted by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, who performed a stand-up routine that left audience members in stitches.

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