Q: Jill, I really need a summer job this year and I wanted to know if it would be too aggressive to start now. I don’t want retail any more but would prefer something either in human resources or in public relations. Both areas are more attuned with what I’m studying.



A: Definitely not! Sure it’s winter, but in a blink of an eye employers will be scouting for summer interns, contract workers, and even volunteers. It would be great to have already established a relationship with them, even if it’s only through e-mail. With reading week coming up, I’d take the time now to start sourcing the places you would like to work. Create a list, e-mail both a personalized introduction along with your resumé requesting either a job or an information interview. This assertiveness is particularly necessary when there isn’t a specific job posting at the time. Also consider that if an employer does not have an opening, but you come across as personable and prepared, the employer might be more likely to even recommend you to another contact.


Also, have you got your references all lined up? Don’t wait until you get a job interview to request reference letters. Check in with your professors and former employers now so by the time you get that call you’ll be prepared.


Jill, I’m looking to gain more clientele for my small business so I’ve recently started my website. I’m not a huge tech type. Are there any upcoming seminars where I might get further tips on how to utilize the web for profit?

A: Bryan, you should check out www.leesabarnes.com. Business coach and author of Pod Casting For Profit, Leesa Barnes is hosting a virtual event, Social Media Telesummit, at the end of the month. It is for entrepreneurs who want to learn how to generate leads and find new clients using social media and so far it’s been receiving a lot of buzz.

jill’s tip of the week

When in doubt ask for help. Trying to be the hero at work by not requesting help can cost you dearly. Asking does not mean incompetence, it says you care about getting it right the first time!


Jill Andrew CYW, BA (Hons.), BEd, MA ‘08 is an award-winning journalist and educator with additional expertise in the performing arts, public speaking, PR, media literacy/awareness, fundraising and entrepreneurship. www.jillandrewmedia.com, or www.curvycatwalk.com.