Don’t be fooled by claims that you can sweat off fat with plastic sauna pants or melt it away with expensive creams. The only way to rid your body of unwanted excess fat is to decrease the calories you consume (never below 1,200 calories daily), burn more calories through increased aerobic activity and lift weights.



Often people find an exercise bike a convenient and enjoyable way to workout. When buying one, look for safety features such as locked seat adjustments, handle grips and solid footings to avoid tipping. Also, look for an extra large padded and contoured seat to ensure confort.

Exercising indoors in a temperature-controlled atmosphere is your safest bet during extreme weather conditions. Try the shopping mall for your daily walk, a televised exercise program for a change, the local gym or invest in a piece of home fitness equipment.

When shopping for athletic shoes, your first step is to determine the sport or activity you need them for. Most sports goods stores carry a variety of shoes designed for specific activities. Remember that athletic shoes are no longer require a break-in period. They should feel comfortable and supportive during your first workout.

If you are looking for a great stress management tool and need to get your mind away from the stress in your life, include some free weights in your program. They allow you to do numerous exercises that target many muscles. If you exercise at home, free weights are also economical and take up little space.