James Milligan (Top-Left)
Vancouver, B.C.
UBC Project
Management Certificate

I worked at a major telecom company for over 12 years until I was laid off. I took a course in sustainability management and started my own company, Social Conscience Fair Trade Sports Balls. Having your own business is a struggle, but I feel like I’m making a difference in a small way.


Joan Dupuis (Bottom-Left)
Ottawa, Ontario
Ottawa-Carleton Continuing Education

I’m 69 years old and currently working in automotive sales. When I was young, my dad made me quit school and work because there was no money. Now I’m back in class and really enjoying continuing education. I’d like to get into a business that helps the elderly. I’m not retiring yet, I’m too young!


Jeff Collins (Top-Right)
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Dalhousie University College of Continuing

I was an out-of-work prosthetic specialist when my dog injured her knee. Unable to afford the surgery I made her a knee brace and came up with an idea for a company. After enrolling in continuing education I started a prosthetic service for dogs. I now travel the world teaching others the technology I pioneered.



Tracey Mah-Gillies (Bottom-Right)
Calgary, Alberta
Mount Royal University Continuing Education

In my first life I was social worker and stay at home mom. I went back to school and got my personal fitness trainers certificate and now I’m running my own business. Continuing education was way too much fun. Right now I’m looking at the brochure figuring out what I’ll take next.

Murat Kaya (Top-Middle)
Toronto, Ontario
TDSB Continuing Education

I came to Canada as an aerospace engineer from Turkey. After the events of 9-11, Bombardier laid off 5,000 people. I went back to school to study and I am now an electrical engineer with Ontario Power Generation. Continuing education made me realize what kind of potential I have and where I can go.