Calgary Transit gives Whitehorn a makeover

candice ward/for metro calgary


Ed Hall with Calgary Transit helps put the finishing touches on "Operation Deep Clean" at the Whitehorn C-Train station yesterday. The city will be headed into phase two at the Marlborough station in the coming weeks.

The Whitehorn C-Train station over-haul was completed yesterday as a part of Calgary Transit’s "Operation Deep Clean."

Calgary Transit has been taking steps towards improving the appearance of all stations to give riders a more pleasant experience.

"It has never really been done to this extent," said Peter Enslen, Calgary Transit Facilities Manager.

Floors, walls and ceilings and everything else within arms-reach was washed, scrubbed or painted, even the areas surrounding the station received a cleaning, he said.

Other general maintenance within the station took place, along with the addition of more lighting in and around the station and parking lot.

"We are very pleased with the results of the deep clean to Whitehorn station over the Family Day long weekend," said Enslen in a press release.

Transit riders seemed pleased with the new look of the Whitehorn station as they were surprised with the smell of fresh paint on their daily commute.

"There was a lot of mess and it needed a lot of cleaning. It looks great now," said Harpal Gall, a frequent C-Train rider in the Whitehorn area.

All of Calgary’s C-Train stations will receive the same deep cleaning treatment over the upcoming weeks and months.


  • Phase Two of Operation Deep Clean will take place at the Marlborough Station within three weeks.

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