How can we indulge in style without going broke? In the quest to be chic and stylish, our credit card balance can climb.

With the new spring styles hitting the racks, it’s easier than ever to be tempted to splurge. We want you to share your spending confessions, e-mail to come clean.

You are not doomed this shopping season; here are a few ways to stay in the black when hitting the malls.

Shop with Purpose

The truth is that you need very few pieces to be chic. In order to prevent the impulse spending that is bound to happen, organizing yourself before visiting your favourite store is a must! Create an inventory of what you already have and what you MUST have for the new season. If it’s not on the list, odds are you don’t need it.

When we compared our shopping habits for a years’ worth of shopping without planning, to a year shopping with a plan, we saved on average $2,000.

Cost Per Wear

Before walking up to the cash register, ask yourself how many times you’ll wear the item. Let’s say you’ve just found a $400 pair of high black leather boots that fit you like a glove! Think you’ll wear those boots 200 times this year — then your cost per wear is just over $2 — pretty good. On the flip side, say you’re holding a pair of hot pink heels on sale for $100. How many times do you think you’ll wear those? Once, twice … never? With a cost per wear of $50-$100, it’s probably not worth it.

Savings in Numbers

Your best bet when shopping for the new season is to bring along a shopping companion. We buddy up and exchange lists, that way when we are tempted to buy we have someone who can keep us on track.

Over the course of the past year, the Smart Cookies have saved ourselves thousands in impulse purchases. Stay focused and you’ll be stretching your dollar while looking like a million of them!