Winter can be one of the best times of the year to enjoy your indoor decor. As the outside weather whips us with cold wind and splashes us with slush, our bedrooms are the perfect place to create a warm and cosy retreat from those harsh outdoor elements.

Short of cranking up the heat thermometer or wearing the snuggle blanket that our moms gave us for Christmas, I’ve come up with a few designer-friendly heat sources that will keep our sleeping spaces cosy and stylish during these chilly winter months:

Wall-hung fireplace:
Yes, its electric, slim and hangs on the wall. Made by Canadian company Dimplex (around $500, it has a remote thermostat to warm up your room in no time.

Warming blankets: The Sunbeam Cuddler Electric Throw ($129 from helps to warm your bed or can be used as a throw while watching television on the couch.


Stylish heater: Add a spot of heat to your room with an ultra-stylish and affordable space heater that instantly heats up the room with good looks. The Max Red Heater (Bed, Bath and Beyond, $119) is the perfect obedient pet to stand in the corner and adore.

Flannel sheets: As cosy as flannel PJs, a good set of cotton flannel sheets (stay away from synthetic blends) will be your best friend in bed. I found mine at Homesense for less than $60/queen. I suggest dark grey, deep green or chocolate brown; darker colours will visually make your bed feel more intimate and cosy.

Sheepskin style rug: Create comfort under foot with a plush, sheepskin rug. Synthetic or real (I always see these at Ikea for around $50), they now come dyed in a rainbow of funky colours to add a burst of colourful warmth to the floor. Look for natural cream, fuschia pink or charcoal grey; it’ll be the best way to warm up those cold laminate floors when you jump out of bed each morning.

Luke-warming ideas NOT endorsed by this designer: Fuzzy moose slippers, a steamy novel or the famous snuggle blanket. Keep warm and stay stylish until full-on spring arrives.

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