In economic times like these, having some additional cash in the pocket can be pretty handy. Of course, right now, the opportunities to make a little bit of extra income can seem too few and far between.

But by using the old combination of two feet and a heartbeat, there are a number of opportunities that could increase your income this summer.

With a passion for fitness, a desire for helping others and the comfort of a little extra dough, people like Alanna Gills are taking advantage of part-time job opportunities that let them stay fit and make some decent cash.

Gillis, the 28-year-old asset and facility management consultant by day, has found a way to make an additional $40 an hour in her spare time by doing what she loves: Running.

Every Tuesday evening, Gillis instructs two running clinics for a personal training studio called Body Design, about 40 minutes north of Toronto. The part-time opportunity that she stumbled in to a few months ago is perfect for an athletic, health-conscious person like her. Drawing from experience as a runner and personal trainer, she teaches an introductory running course called Learn to Run, while also training people for 10-kilometer races. All in all, she says the experience is phenomenal — and it’s not just the money attached to it.

“I love it,” she says. “When you get someone through a tough spot; when you see that you’ve helped them do something they wouldn’t normally do, it’s really great!”

In order to get a part-time job in fitness, Gillis insists that it should be something people be passionate and educated about. She has been a certified personal trainer for years and has enjoyed running since she was a child, but required no formal training for her current running clinics. She says that based on her lifestyle and knowledge of the body, she is a qualified leader.

So, how does someone like you get a part-time job in fitness? Well, all you can really do is just get out and look. Consider inquiring with stores like the Running Room or community centres in your area. Be sure to learn about any kind of unique training or qualifications you may need in order to take on such a job.

Taking on a few clients or getting hired to hold clinics can be great way to keep fit, while making decent money in the process.

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