Premier gets rough ride while hosting pancake breakfast



todd korol/reuters


Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach gets pulled away by his security guard when a woman tried to throw a pie at him during his first annual Calgary Stampede breakfast yesterday.


chris bolin for metro calgary

A woman who tried to pie the premier yesterday being led away by Calgary police.

T“It’s not a bomb — it’s a pie!”

That was the cry from a soufflé-schlepping activist as she was wrestled to the ground yesterday morning by Alberta Sheriffs after attempting to pie Premier Ed Stelmach while he dished out pancakes during the annual Premier’s Stampede breakfast at the McDougall Centre.

The female protester heckled Stelmach earlier in the morning, citing the “homelessness in Canada’s richest city” and lack of affordable housing, as he addressed a crowd at the breakfast — his first as premier.

The pie-toting protester wasn’t able to break through the tight security surrounding Stelmach, opting instead to land her cream creation on an unsuspecting member of the premier’s security detail.

Details on the type of pie were sketchy, though conflicting reports have the pie as either banana cream or chocolate cream.

“I’m sure all Calgarians find it disappointing … it’s unfortunate, but when you have so many people and the media attracted to the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, some tend to find this as a perfect opportunity to demonstrate in such a manner,” Stelmach said later in the day outside the University of Calgary when asked about the incident during a funding announcement.

Stelmach said he did not see the events unfold, adding, “I had my eyes on the pancakes — and continued to keep them there.”

The premier also went on to say that his security team had warned of a potential “copy-cat” attempts — reminiscent of former premier Ralph Klein’s pie-in-the-face in 2003, which netted a man 30 days in jail.

Peaceful affordable housing protesters outside the downtown breakfast described the woman taken into custody as “a nice girl who is just very concerned about social injustice.”

Lily Phan, 29, of Calgary was arrested and charged with mischief and assaulting a peace officer.