Premier Ed Stelmach is giving his Tory MLAs two weeks to decide if they’re running in the next provincial election.

A spokesman for the premier’s office has confirmed the long-held rumour that Stelmach is holding meetings with his Tory leaders, trying to gauge who’s in and who’s out for a future campaign.

But the late-summer meetings don’t necessarily mean an election will be called by the fall, the spokesman said.

Stelmach told reporters last month that the decision to call the election remains his to make, but he hasn’t decided when it will take place.

The premier has expressed concerns over calling an election in the early fall, however, since it would overlap with municipal elections, which are scheduled for Oct. 15.

Some political pundits believe a recent string of high-profile funding announcements, coupled with declining Tory support in several polls, points towards the premier calling an election sooner rather than later.

His party’s current mandate lasts until November 2009.

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