Ed Stelmach’s Conservative government has chiseled out a new plan that it says focuses on Alberta’s already rich economy and a health-care system that is struggling to attract new nurses and doctors, a plan that suggests high schools dedicated to health care.
Critics say the new plan, as announced in yesterday’s throne speech, is vague and it was created by a government that is currently on “auto-pilot.”
During his throne speech, Lt.-Gov. Norman Kwong outlined a number of priorities, including hiring workers in hurting health care and construction industries.
“Your government recognizes the need for Alberta to catch up in some areas, to close the gap in others and, in all cases, ensure that no one is left behind,” said Kwong.
Among the long list of priorities, a new tax credit for scientific research and development, along with the promise to create 14,000 new child-care spaces by 2011.
The Conservatives’ first bill will forge a new economic agreement with British Columbia. The pact would allow trained nurses, welders and pipefitters trained in one province to now work in another province.

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