Premier Ed Stelmach is renewing his government’s promise to train 2,000 nurses within the next two years amid warnings of grim job prospects for nursing graduates in Alberta.

The premier used his “Ask Premier Ed” Internet video on health care to encourage nursing students to continue in their programs to fill nursing jobs he expects will be vacated by retiring baby boomers.

But this contrasts with an Internet blog by Alberta Health Services chief executive Stephen Duckett, who warns that times will be “tough” for nursing grads in the next couple of years.

Duckett writes that only about two per cent of the nurses eligible for voluntary retirement have offered to leave their jobs.

He warns that Alberta may still end up having to lay off nurses and other staff in order to eliminate a budget deficit.

Dozens of nursing grads held several protests this fall to say Alberta is basically training nurses to work in other provinces and the U.S.

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