Forging a partnership between Alberta and Texas could help both jurisdictions in everything from digging out of an economic rut to tackling climate change, Premier Ed Stelmach said during two stops in Houston on Wednesday.

“There is no question that — working together — there is more that we can do to combat climate change,” said the premier in his speaking notes to oil and gas sellers at the North American Prospect Expo.

The premier says both can work together in fighting climate change through carbon capturing and both can work to enhance nanotechnology.

“Add up Alberta’s proven resource base, impressive track record as a stable energy supplier, fair royalty structure, and environmental commitment, and I believe you get an attractive, secure place for investment,” said Stelmach, who also talked to a group of business leaders in the city.

Stelmach’s brief tour to Texas is costing Alberta taxpayers roughly $32,700 and Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann says it’s a waste since it’s a one-night trip.

Swann says Stelmach’s trip is “too excessive and it sends the wrong message to Albertans in tough economic times.”

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