Alberta Conservatives bounce back, poll says

A steady slide in support for Premier Ed Stelmach has ended, following a series of high-profile government announcements, a new poll suggests.


The Tory approval rating among Albertans has leveled off over the summer, with 41 per cent of voters recently polled stating that they’d vote for Stelmach if an election were held today.


Voter support for Stelmach had hovered around 39 per cent after taking an 11-point plunge between January and June. Tory popularity once surged as high as 54 per cent when Ralph Klein was still Alberta’s premier in September 2006.


The Leger Marketing poll, conducted between July 19 and 27, reveals the government’s stronger rural ties, with urban centres like Edmonton and Calgary reporting lower approval ratings than country ridings.


The poll finds that support for the Alberta Liberal party is steady at 19 per cent, with the New Democrats picking up 6 per cent.

Stelmach has been highly visible during the summer months, making several big-budget funding announcements during the Calgary Stampede.

He also announced last week in Edmonton that the province would fund a long-awaited ring road project and increase contributions to a health clinic at the University of Alberta hospital and the provincial art gallery.

After losing a key byelection to the Liberals in Calgary this spring, Stelmach expanded his cabinet by appointing two Calgary MLAs to deputy minister roles.

Stevens’ appointment

  • Stelmach recently named Ron Stevens, a prominent Calgary lawyer and the province’s justice minister, as his deputy premier.