Back in May, Stephen Colbert launched a political action committee, Americans For a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow to satirize new campaign finance laws. Last night, he finally got a chance to put it in action.

On Thursday night, Colbert announced his plans to launch an "exploratory committee to lay the groundwork" for his "possible candidacy for president of the United States of South Carolina" on his show. However, as Super PACs are not allowed to be run by any organization affiliated with a campaign, Colbert was forced to hand over control of his PAC to the clearly-unaffiliated Jon Stewart in order to make the exploratory committee for his run for "President of the United States of South Carolina" legal.

According to ABC News the group is already buying up television air time in South Carolina saying that "a source tracking ad buys in early primary states told ABC that the super PAC has purchased nearly $10,000 worth of time on a broadcast station in the Charleston, S.C. area between Jan. 15 and Jan. 19."

According to the Palmetto Public Record, the super PAC is also reportedly “negotiating a substantial media buy in the Columbia market.”


This wouldn't be the first time Colbert inserted himself into a political race in the Palmetto State. In 2007, Colbert launched a short-lived presidential bid from the University of South Carolina’s historic Horseshoe area, but was later forced to end his campaign since neither party would allow him onto the ballot. What sets this run apart form Colbert's previous efforts is his focus; instead of satirizing the cult of personality political leaders inspire, he's taking aim at tangible changes to our campaign finance system.

If Colbert does indeed decide to enter the Republican primary though, don't expect him to ride a surge of support. He's only allowed only as a write-in candidate.

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