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Steve Caldwell before, left, and after his makeover.


What’s your first impression of Steve Caldwell?


He appeared in front of our jury in shabby, ripped jeans, and a cutoff T-shirt. His arms were covered in tattoos. On his knuckles he had inked the words, “pain” and “love.” His bushy beard, unkempt hair, and crooked teeth completed the picture. Our jury thought he looked like he had just come in from a bush camp and was “on the verge of poverty.” One juror said “he looks like someone who smokes a lot of pot.”

The last comment hurt him the most. At 27, Steve is a hard-working electrician, a dedicated husband, and a loving father with a great sense of humour, especially when it comes to his sense of style which he calls “homeless chic.”

Our family therapist Joe Rich met with him and discovered his look was a defence for feelings of rejection stretching back to his childhood. Steve especially felt his father had always put him in second place.

Fixing relationships can be hard, but fixing teeth is easy, especially for our dental team of Dr. Andrew Charkiw and Dr Armaghan Afsar. They worked on Steve’s overcrowded teeth and made room for a spectacular smile thanks to 14 porcelain veneers from the Pro-Art Dental Laboratories.

The next stop on Steve’s journey was a session with our wardrobe stylist, David Clemmer. He took Steve shopping at the TNT Man boutique and got him into a polished, upscale and up-to-date wardrobe.

Then it was off to our hairstylist, Francesco Fontana. He gave Steve a low-maintenance, no-fuss cut that made him look great. Our make-up artist Korby banner then took on Steve’s bushy beard.

Steve’s look had gone from Mean Street to Wall Street, but he still needed to call his father and air his feelings. Would his new outlook give him the courage to open his heart?

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